When lighting gets tough

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Our lights keep going whatever the conditions – from extremely high to extremely low temperatures, from forceful impact to slow corrosion and from heavy industrial to hazardous areas.

Moisture-proof lighting

Developed to withstand anything from gentle spray to high-pressure water jets

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Explosion-proof lighting

Safe to use alongside flammable or explosive substances

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Lighting for extreme temperatures

Our lights keep going in both freezing cold and extreme heat

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Corrosion-resistant lighting

Built to cope with corrosive chemicals and airborne particles

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Anti-vandal lighting

The ideal choice for areas at high risk of accidental damage or vandalism

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We deliver top light performance, high product reliability and superb total cost of ownership. At REISS, we work every day with and for our customers. Using our specialist knowledge we offer the ideal and fit for purpose solution for each application, no matter how extreme the conditions are. With a truly global market coverage, we support our customers, before, during and after the product’s installation. Pedro Rego, Vice President and Managing Director REISS
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